Society 2.0 (May 20, 2018)

(image credit) I was recently going through old blog drafts and came across this one from nearly 8 years ago. It was basically just brainstorming about how to improve society in general. I’m proud to say that in the meantime, I’ve done my (more...)

Saving a bureaucratic software project (July 11, 2015)

A recently published article, “The Secret Startup That Saved the Worst Website in America” details some of the problems with the launch fiasco that “so bad it nearly broke the Affordable Care Act.” It also (more...)

Healthcare in the United States (November 20, 2014)

In the news: Another high profile case of a Canadian getting a huge bill in the States and not being covered. They were on vacation and were caught off guard with a baby that came 9 weeks early. They had proper travel insurance, but it Blue Cross, an (more...)

Losing weight is hard: Part 2 (April 7, 2014)

Here is the update to my post last month entitled “Losing weight is hard”. Through a program of restricted eating and intense exercise, I was able to lose most of my December “Christmas baking” weight:

I’m back down to


Losing weight is hard (March 12, 2014)

As part of my goal to be in the best shape of my life prior to our wedding, I’ve vowed to lose all my “Christmas baking” weight before we leave on April 10th. Our Withings scale shows the damage and poor results so far:

I was


Laziness: The key to healthy eating (February 18, 2014)

If you want to eat healthy, you need to make your inherent laziness an advantage. Today I was busy programming and started craving a sweet, sugary snack. I mean really, really craving. So much so that I decided to walk to the store and buy something. (more...)

Zinc: the only supplement that helps colds (January 28, 2014)

So it turns out my personal experience with zinc has some scientific backing now! Several years ago I realized that I had a zinc deficiency – a very common mineral deficiency these days due to our ever worsening diets. In addition to eating foo (more...)

Why not private healthcare? (January 26, 2011)

The traditional “for profit” economic model works great for most things. For instance, take the mythical “widget”. You research all the different types of widgets, find out the best deal, and purchase it. Manufactures and supp (more...)

How to combat the obesity epidemic (December 29, 2010)

From the December 2010 issue of Nutrition Action magazine: ”…if it’s an epidemic, that means it’s been triggered by the environment. And what do you do if you have too much malaria? You drain the swamps. What do you do if you (more...)

What's really in our food? (December 5, 2010)

Before flying an airplane, multiple checks are done to ensure the fuel is pure, is the correct type, and has no containments, like sediment or water. How often do we check our own fuel? Do those “multi-grain” muffins actually co (more...)